ADSL Bonding

System Force I.T. are the UK’s leaders in ADSL bonding, the technology where multiple ADSL lines can be joined to create a single link with the sum of the links – sounds confusing ?? Read on.

Lots more bandwidth, faster speed, enhanced resilience and UK based support – are just some of the benefits of using our service.

Get ADSL Bonding Today – Experience Amazing Internet Speed in a cost-effective way!

Opt for ADSL Bonding today and enjoy faster upload and download speed, uninterrupted Internet connection, increased bandwidth, all this and lots more without the expenses of any proprietary, leased lines for your Internet connection.

A preferred choice of businesses and companies, both big and small, ADSL Bonding offers multiple benefits in much less expenses and far lesser time.

We combine 2 or more (maximum 8) ADSL connections (ADSL Bonding), to give you

  • Improved Download and Browsing speed
  • Continuous browsing experience
  • Cost Effective Business Solution
  • Freedom from Load Balancing Issues

Imagine the difference ADSL Bonding will make to your company, by enabling you to perform your day to day operations with increased speed and accuracy. Now, with ADSL bonding, you have the freedom to add 8 lines, depending on your business needs. This facility, primarily, makes it an ideal option for businesses, which are aiming for expansion in future. Installing ADSL Bonding in your office can help Maximise Your Business, further enhancing your growth prospects.

Having ADSL Bonding means improved flexibility because even if one line fails others will still continue working thus enhancing your freedom and confidence in your internet connection. Low data speed is one problem that many businesses face every day. ADSL Bonding is an easy solution to this problem, as with combined speed of multiple lines, there is no chance of low speed or interrupted connection anymore.

Get your Connectivity Issues Plugged Today!

ADSL Bonding will not only transform your Internet experience with its fast and resilient service, but also get you rid of all those cheap cable Internet offers and T1, T3 lines which can never outshine the power of ADSL2, ADSL2 + and Annex M technology.

Get it from the Experts!

ADSL Bonding connection requires skilled experts and top class technology.

We, at System Force, a renowned name in IT services, can provide you the most professional services on time.

Contact us today and revolutionize your Internet connection with high speed ADSL Bonding.

Compared to other high-speed Internet solutions, broadband bonding is relatively unobtrusive and easy to install.
Bonded ADSL can be an alternative to:
 •Leased lines
 •SDSL bonding
 •Internet at normal speeds

However, with so many factors to consider, it’s important not to forget the most important thing: speed. Astonishingly, some businesses have achieved connection speeds as high as 192Mbps, and upload speeds of between 1 and 8 Mbps. Although we bond a maximum of 8 circuits, most organisations get the desired effect with just two or three.

Bonding improves the usage of :

WEB Access
FTP Access
VPN, Site to site and Client to site
Video Conferencing
Online Backups (See )
Streaming of video / broadcasting
Citrix, Terminal services


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