For information on our services please visit our NOC site where you can see the details of our services. You can sign up for service alerts to be notified when there is going to be maintenance on Bonded ADSL, or any of our services. The location is

Want to test your internet connection ? – try our online speedtester, its the mini version of the well known however it is hosted on our main core network and has masses of available bandwidth, which is why we use this, as we know the results are always going to be correct compared to the other sites where bandwidth may be limited.
The URLĀ  is

Looking for computer hardware or software ? System Force owns a ecommerce system ( feel free and come and see our best prices and massive amounts of stock. If there is something that you want and its not on the site, just let us know we will do our very best to source the stock for you !

Want to know more about System Force ? Take a look at our main website – here you will find all the products and services we have to offer.